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The Arts Backstage

The Arts Backstage makes careers in the arts accessible to kids through fun & educational "behind the scenes" field trips and performances.

Cognizart by MetroArts Inc. provides Backstage Kids ages ten to eighteen from underserved communities, and participants in other Cognizart programs, with behind-the-scenes access to the people responsible for professional artistic performances, including performers, administrators, lighting engineers, costumers, and stage designers.  

Following backstage tours and informational sessions, Backstage Kids experience how the elements come together by watching an audience-attended performance.   Experiences have included attending Oregon Ballet Theatre’s “Nutcracker” and the Oregon Symphony’s “Batman Live in Concert.”  We are growing our network of partner arts organizations which makes the educational opportunity soar. 

Experiences take place in November/December, March, May, and July, although additional experiences may be added to the calendar.  In July, Backstage Kids ages ten to twelve are offered the opportunity to attend Kids Camp as special ambassadors.  Older Backstage Kids are offered internships at our 360 Arts Camp where they will learn valuable job skills to possibly further a career in the arts.   

For more information, email. This program relies solely on donations from people like you! Please become a one-time or monthly donor today!

Tel: 503-245-4885

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