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“From the Conductor’s Perspective”

Date: March 17, 2024.




The great soloists of classical music have the unique quality of creating an extraordinary connection not only with the orchestra but also with the audience. The conductor serves as the main liaison between the orchestra and the soloist so that the magic happens on the stage. This Masterclass will be focused on understanding the conductor's perspective, and what is expected from the soloist in the preparation before and during rehearsals with the orchestra as well as the final grand performance. Maestro Giancarlo Castro D'Addona, composer and orchestra conductor, will talk with our Young Artists about the study of the score, ensemble synchronization, and the perfect sound balance between the orchestra and the soloist, achieving a high-quality and memorable performance. 

Cognizart Presents
Siena Licht Miller Master Class for Young Singers
August 2020

We were pleased to present a Master Class featuring cellist Hamilton Cheifetz and violinist Carol Sindell on Saturday, September 10th, 2022!    


Gavin Conant

Annie Rhew

Loni Yin

Sarah Lee


Andrew Lee

Erica Young

Kaylee Nah

Hanu Nahm

Click on links above to view the videos from the Master Class!

This virtual Master Class featured Mezzo Soprano, and two-time Young Artists Debut! Winner, Siena Licht Miller, coaching young singers from Pacific Youth Choir, Carrina Macaluso, Anna Hermes, and Andrew Schroeder.  It's a must-watch!  

Part 1

Meet Siena Licht Miller

Part 2

Meet the Singers

Part 3

Andrew Schroeder, 16, Baritone

Student of Matt Hayward

Part 4

Carrina Macaluso, 18, Mezzo Soprano

Student of Pollyanna Hancock-Moody

Part 5

Anna Hermes, 18, Mezzo Soprano

Student of Angela Niederloh

Part 6

Q & A, Career Advice, Final Thoughts

Click on photos for artists biographies.

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