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The mission of CMS is to stimulate and inform an outgoing discussion on the kind of student our educational system should be producing to meet the needs of society in the 21st century. The Creating Minds Symposium is the brainchild of Niel DePonte, President and founder of MetroArts Inc (MAI), an educational non-profit organization he founded in 1993. MetroArts’ slogan is Teaching for Creativity and was created to further critical thinking, creative processing, and problem solving skills in the classroom.


YouTube videosWatch the following videos 2011 CreatingMinds Symposium featuring Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel

Videos 1-5 - Charles Fadel THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION
The world is experiencing the most profound shift since the Industrial Revolution into the inescapable knowledge economy under the twin threats of offshorability and automation. Education systems need to adapt much faster than they have, to minimize the risk of civil unrest and global upheavals.

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Video 5

How can we integrate 21st century skills with the move toward the standard core curriculum? A dialogue session with area superintendents and attendees will follow.

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YouTube videos
Watch the previous videos from these sessions from 2010 with Howard Gardner.


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